Saturday, 12 April 2008

Well here at last................

I have been blog watching for quite some time now and the inspiration and talent out there is incredible. I had been thinking about setting up a blog and my crafty friend Debbie mentioned it a couple of times and it did give me food for thought so at last I bit the bullet and gave it a go.
It will probably be Crafty Ramblings - hence the title and a bit of Daily Life Ramblings and perhaps some Cat Tales too of which there are many!! and of course my crafty projects.

And a big Thank You to Debbie who was a great help to a newbie who didn't have a clue!! LOL and I must say since joining Papercraft Junkies Forum everyone there is so supportive it encourages you to try something new - they are a great bunch of ladies (oops and Marcus!!LOL)

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bubblegum said...

Yeeeaaaa, Welcome to blog land Dawn. :) Your blog looks fantastic, love your header and the colours you have chosen. :) :)
It was my pleasure to help you and you have done a beautiful job.:) :)

Debbie x