Sunday, 4 May 2008

Where does the time go??....

This is more of a rambling than crafty project - It's been such a quick week, the months are just flying by. I managed to squeeze out my tag for Weekend Taggers and started on my swap for Inspirational Blogs have a bit of an idea what I will be doing so I just have to hope it all comes together. I sat down at 11am and the next I know it's 4.45pm - where does the time go?? Still have so much I want to do but I think I will just relax for a while and start again tomorrow. Have a day off tomorrow thank goodness!!

I bought a new cat bed the other day - it is so cuute BUT cat fights have broken out, Oh yes they both want in the bloomin' thing at the same time - fur has been flying literally and bouts of hissing can be heard. It's definitely paws at 10 paces, bless the two furries!! I will have to get another one the same then I can get rid of the old one it's ready for the bin anyway!!

This is Peaches showing off in the new bed - she's not a scarey monster really.
Also this week met a lovely lady who left a comment on my blog her name is Dawne also and found out she only lives along the coast in Banff - It's a small world!!


Louly said...

That photo is amazing! It really screams out at you when the page first loads on. I remember when we had two cats and they used to fight, it was quite comical really.

Dawne said...

that bed looks so comfy, my 2 would love it. thank you for mentioning me on your blog thats very nice. xx

Camilla said...

Hi Dawn! Your cat looks so cool;) I love cats, and maybe in the autumn I'll have one too.. cause then we are moving into our own house!! Can't wait:) Thanks for your sweet words in my blog. You make me so happy & glad!! Of course you can link me, it's an honour. I'll make a link to your blog in mine too:) Have a good night! Hugs, Camilla.

Lim said...

OMG!! What a funny picture Dawn..He knows what he wants and when, righ?..
I hope you have a gret weekend my friend.
I will post the award tomorrow.
Once again THANKS!!!

Sinikka said...

Hi Dawn.

Thanks a lot for the nice words you left on my blog.
Wow, what a cat. Hope she isn't all the time this dangerous :-)
We also have a black cat but she is afraid of everything.
What a nice candy blog you've got!!!!

bubblegum said...

What a fabulous photo Dawn - I can see right in that fluff ball's mouth, lol. Nice teeth there, lol. :)