Wednesday, 20 August 2008

************** BLOG CANDY ****************

This post will remain at the top until 30/8/08 - Everything else underneath!!!
At last I've got my Blog Candy organised:
So I'm giving away:
My beloved Pull-Ez Ribbon Storage holder (well not my one but a brand spanking new one!!LOL
Cuttlebug Baby No 2 Die
Chipboard Flowers and Rhonna Farrer clear stamps (they are brilliant!)
Cuddly Buddly Xmas Sentiment Stamps
Die cut Flowers and tags
2 sheets of Die Cut letters
5 little Tickets
Various papers from Laura Ashley, DCWV and Dovecraft
Ribbons plus gorgeous brown lace
Selections of stickers
Prima Flowers not in the photo because they haven't arrived yet (Grrr!!)
and perhaps some other little additions!!!

So What do you have to do:
Well as you know I love my Pull-EZ and it holds over 200 ribbons and mine isn't full so I want you to guess how much ribbons are in my Pull-Ez see picure - the ribbons go all the way round. Then leave a comment telling me about one of your fav storage solutions or fav tips.
The ribbons have been counted by an Independent Adjudicator otherwise known as "My Mum"! the person nearest to my ribbon number WINS! If there is a draw then I might get Peaches to pick the winner again depending on her mood!! LOL
Finally add details of my Candy to your blog!
You have until 30/8/08 at 5pm to enter....

I am prepared to ship internationally too!


Jane said...

Oh Dawn so generous, and I WANT it rofl....y guess is 176

Fingers crossed Jane x

Jane said...

I've done that Dawn can I have it now please!!! rofl!

Charli said...

Great candy!
I'll guess 88
I love that pull EZ, but to be honest I don't really have a favourite storage thing because mum sorts all that out lol
I've linked you on my blog

Cazzy said...

Wow Dawn that is fab blog candy!

I guess 189 ribbons. I have bought some ribbon boxes which work the same way but smaller, I think my fav storage has to be my altered pen tub, but I am just making an altered picture frame for some Nestabilities dies as they don't come in the CD cases now, got the idea from another blog. It is wet in the shed as I varnished the paper and I am hoping it will dry out alright, I thought it would keep it clean.

carolann said...

Wow fab blog candy I guess 150 afraid most of my storage solutions are plastic boxes and jars.Think your ribbon bag is absolutely fab hun xxxx

Jozza said...

Wow what fabulous candy!!

My guess is 192 ribbons. I would love one of those pull-EZ as my ribbons are in complete disarray!

As far as storage solutions go - I have found my life much easier since I invested in a craft tote bag as I keep all my every day stuff in there now which means I can lay my hands on necessities much faster :o)

mueppi said...

Wow Dawn
what a fab blog candy!!!!!!
I`ll guess 137!
Hugs Gisela

Roxy said...

148? Plastic storage drawers are wonderful! I have several of the shoe box size that are great for all of my doo dads.

Nikki said...
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Nikki said...

I love blog candy!!!
My favorite storage is my stackable 6x6 clear storage boxes. I got them from Target and they are the best!

April Hall said...

OH wow!! That is a LOT of ribbon in there! I would say you have 184.

mousekemom said...

I guess 126. What fun!


mousekemom said...

I guess 126. What fun!


Sarah said...

Great blog candy!! My guess would have to be 175. My favourite storage items would have to be my drawer carts (I have 3 of them)...I can store so much in them.

Maria Matter said...

Dawn, Wow...what sweet candy, very generous!!! my guess is 123 and my fav storage is a wonderful jelly cupboard my DH made for me!!
I gave you a shout on my blog, check it out:
Dawn's Sweet Guessing Game!
Thanks for this fun challenge!!! Blessings, Maria

Sinikka said...

Wow, Dawn....what a big blog candy.
Hard to guess how many ribbons you have.
My guess is 167.
And I think that is a LOT!!!!!
Put a link on my blog.
Hugs Sinikka

Sinikka said...

Just forgot to tell about my fav storage. Well I don't have a storage, but if I should win I absolutely will have one than.
Hugs again Sinikkka

Creative Chaos said...

OMG Dawn , I love that candy .. it is so yummie !!
My guess is 162 ..
For the moment i don't have a storage system ( just a basket) so I really should win.. LOL
Patti xx

Camilla said...

OMG what a great candy!!, but your poor mom who had to count all those ribbons. I guess it is about...
134 ribbons in your storage.
I don't have a storage system, all in the same box, and it looks like a mess, so I need this candy!;)
But for a tip, go to Turid Mari's blog. She is now finished with her craft room, and she keeps some of her ribbons on a curtain hanger and some in magnetic tins on the wall. It looks great!! The link:
Have a lovely Sunday!!
Hugs, Camilla.

Caroline said...

Great candy !!!

I guess 168 ribbons.

My ribbons are in a glass jar from Ikea.

Silvertear said...

Hi Dawn,

what a lovely blog. Wonderful inspiration for me.

And your blog candy is very nice, so I will take my chance.

I'll guess 154.

Greets Pamela

Sue said...

138 is my guess :)
My storage bably needs organising my fav is my BIG craft cupboad ( like a school cupboad) AND its lockable DH can't see how much stash I have LOL!

Bunny B said...

Hmmm... my guess is 84. My storage system would be in a tool box, in clear zip-lock bags on shelves. I've blogged too!

Thank you!

bunnybx at gmail . com

Glitter Monkey said...

Great candy Dawn. I just love, love, love my Pull EZ too but could always do with another! I would guess at 171 ribbons. Lol Lynn x

Fe-Fe said...

Gosh what a lot of blog candy Dawn! That's very generous of you.

My guess is 201 ribbons.

I'm afraid my ribbon storage consists of old plastic Persil washing tablet boxes and Addis food storage tubs. Lol! No where near as sophisticated as yours Dawn!! :-)

I will but a link on my blog in a little while but we're just in the middle of putting together JJ's bed and putting all his stuff back in his room. I just nipped down to make a cuppa tea and thought I'd catch up while the kettle boiled. I can hear hubby mumbling upstair so I'd better get back to it! Lol

Thanks for the chance to win your lovely blog candy.

Fe x

Lauren said...

I guess 188! will link you in a sec!


Sandra (the netherlands) said...

I guess you have 120 in there.

My storagesytem? One big metal basket which is originally ment for paper-garbage... so a better way of organising would be helpfull -LOL-

Thanks for giving me a change of winning such generous blogcandy.

craftyclaire said...

I'll guess 170, not enough as you will always see others that you like.

Christine (Craftling) said...

Hi, Dawn! Fab candy, hun!! Thank you for being so generous! :o)

OK.. I guess 153 ribbons, and my favourite storage item is a ceramic swan I bought in a charity shop, which is actually a rose bowl, so it has holes in its back which I use for holding paintbrushes. (Will post a pic on my blog next time I'm taking photos.)

Have posted a link to your candy on my blog, HERE

Chris xx

CarolinesGlede said...

WOW!! mmm yummi!! he,he.. I'll guess.. hmm.. aargh.. hmm hmm.. 147.. and I don't have any storage =/ So yes, we can swap candies!! :P hehe..

hugs Caroline

Rosette said...

Wow Dawn!!! I had better been your next door neighbour!!! :) lol
Thanks for the chance... let's say 180 ribbons perhaps?

A quite big transparent box is my favourite right now, because I can see in what direction I have to dig in my hand to get the ribbon! :)

Deanne said...

Hi Dawn, fab bog giveaway.
I guess 171 !!!
I'm afraid I am a box and jar nutter when it comes to storage!!! and anything that I alter lol

Heather said...

Oh wow! some blog terrific candy.
My guess is 217.
And all else I can say is 'Poor Mum' having to count that lot.
Hugs xxx

Jackie said...

What a lovely gesture... and fab blog candy... I will take a stab in the dark at 194 ... My ribbons at the moment are mostly on dolly pegs (old fashioned wooden pegs)..and kept in place with a dressmakers pin... these are kept in clear plastic containers.. (would much prefer what you have on offer LOL)... off to add link to my blog. x

Line said...

Hi Dawn,
what an amazing blog candy you're giving out!!
My best storage tip is just the one in your prize, i just couldn't live without it! So if i'm the lucky winner i'm gonna give it to my mum, her crafts are a!
I'm gonna guess it's a 197 ribbons in your pull ez. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Hugs, Line

Rosette said...

Yep Dawn, tht's me!! :) That's a wonderful candy.. do come on my blog whenever you want.. I appreciate comments very much. Good luck for your candy.. but it seems you are famous enough!! lol

ribenaruby said...

Great guesses. Mine is 155 ribbons you have. My storage system at the mo is a grip bag. Fantastic blog by the way.

Juliet said...

What a fab candy. It may not be full, but it looks nearly full, lol!!! My guess is 162 - here's hoping.
Love Juliet xx

Juliet said...

Whoops, forgot to say my best and most recent storage solution is an over the door hanger, bought for £1which has 3 rails and holds almost anything! Solved loads of problems for me. Off to link you on my blog now.
Juliet xx

Christi (Cici510 on SCS) said...

My guess is 180. One of my favorite organizing items for my ribbon is my Cropper Hopper embellishment holder with the small boxes. I use that to keep my small ribbon and ribbon scraps and it is perfect!

TinaJewel said...

My guess is 176! I store my things in those clear drawer organizer things!I subscribed to you with my Google RSS feed reader and am linking to you on my Giveaway Blog, too.

Anonymous said...

Dawn...what an awesome blog candy offer. My guess is 196 ribbons. Just love that organizer! My favorite organizer right now is a rolling cart I have that has 5 drawers in graduated sizes / a table that lifts out to the side if you want / and a top that lifts and has little zip compartments that hold embelishments or whatnots. Hubby found this treasure for me.

kes said...

wow Dawn you are very generous My guess is 199

good luck to all who enter

Ingrid said...

Great candy!
I guess 193
My ribbons are in a glass jar from Ikea and in plastic boxes and wrapped around cartoons
greetings from Poland

crafting diva said...

Hi Dawn my guess is 147 I would love to go into your draw and I have put a link on my blog for you. My best storage tip is storage nestabilities dies in cd cases also great for clear stamps I have my Jane Nestorenko in cd cases.

Michele said...

Wow fantastic blog candy. I guess that there are 200 ribbons in the EZ storage. My favourite storage is the small metal drawers that I have. They hold loads of crafty stuff.

Here's my link

Hanne said...

Oh my goodness, Dawn, what a creative and wonderful blog candy!!! I love it!!!

I just put my X-ray glasses on and counted *haha* I lost some concentration when reaching 150, but I think you have 205 ribbons in this storage holder - and if that is correct, you really are a crazy woman *hahaha*

I will clean my card crafting room tomorrow, so then I can show you some pics of my favourite storages as I'm telling about your candy!

Hugs, Hanne:)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

What a faboulous candy Dawn!!!!!!:) The winner of your blog candy is really lucky!

I guess 199 ribbons:D

My favorite storage........hmm... I keep all of my ribbons in a box in which is too little...:p and by that not my favorite.. lol..

...but I have actually thought of putting mye ribbons on wooden hangers for clothes :o)

Hugs from Cathrine=)

Nettie said...

hey there! thats fab blog candy!
i dont have much storage so i use my baby girls old food storage pots and annabel carmel ice cube trays which have a lid on them. they are great for bits of stuff like eyelets, brads, sequins etc!
and i guess there are 157 ribbons there.
off to put the link onto my blog now

Chooks said...

Wow what great candy are very generous. I love it all xx

My guess is 161 ribbons in your Pull-EZ.

I'll go now and let everyone know on my blog xx

Andrea said...

Hi Dawn, great candy. Thanks for the chance to win this.
I´ll guess 201.
I post your candy on my blog.
Hugs, Andrea


Hi Dawn,
What nice blogcandy.
I'm a really bad guesser, but I'll give it a try........155 ribbons.

My storage is a draw. :(


kath said...

Hi Dawn
Fab blog candy - now let me count....1..2..3...OK my answer is 102 ribbons and my favourite craft storage is every empty space in my crafty cubbyhole and that includes the floor...will put a link on my blog

Lara said...

Wow! So many ribbons! I'll guess 88!


Lara said...

Wow! So many ribbons! I'll guess 88!


De said...

Wow, that's a nifty orgaizer. I would guess 183 ribbons!

I am a huge organizer and have all kinds of little organizers I use for my crafts. I think my favorite though would be my ink pad/pen organizer.

Great Blog Candy! Thanks!

Ikki said...

What a brill bag - never seen one before. I keep my ribbons in self seal sandwich bags - not as pretty as yours but at least the colours are all together! My guess is 209

Ikki xx

Kim said...

What GREAT candy you are giving away! My guess is 164! My favorite storage is my Making Memories Embellishment Center...even though I have both ribbon spindles full. I am a ribbon collector!
Hugs~ Kim

Anonymous said...

Wow,Dawn, what a generous blog candy! Of course I have to play even if you don't plan on shipping internationally I just think it's fun! :) So, my guess will be 183 ribbons! My favourite storage solution is this: I bought some flat 2" wide by 2 feet long metal strips (Ikea) and mounted them to my craft room wall. I use small see through storage jars with magnets on the bottom and line them up on the metal strip! Saves space and organizes lots of embellishments.

The new Mrs. Dyer said...

my guess is 113, and my fav storage solution, i love storing my clear stamps and my unmounted rubber stamps (such as bellas) in CD cases and then keep them in a Cd case size stacker box.

Kaia said...

wow, so many ribbons.
I guess there are 213 ribbons.

My favourite storage thing is a box whwrw I can keep all of my 12x12 papers, lot's of space in it.

I'v linked you in my blog.

Have a wondwrful day

Anonymous said...

Holy Hannah, that's some fab blog candy... Thanks for the chance to win.

My guess is 153!
My fav storage solution is a set of drawers I bought in Ikea and then I decorated them with yummy papers.

I'm going to link to you on my blog, you have some great stuff here!

Doris said...

this is great! here is link on my blog

many ribbons, how many? my guess is 186 ;)

my storage idea here

Susie said...

oh my favourite, I guess 119.

KAMAFTUT said...

Great candy!!!
Super Pull-Ez
I'll guess 158

Here is my blog

Best regards


Kimmie0270 said...

How Awesome! 227 is my guess.

My fav storage tip, using sauce jars after theyve been cleaned

Ana Baird said...

What a great blog candy Dawn! It's very kind of you. I guess is 95.
Thank you for doing it.

Ana Baird said...

just added a link Dawn!

pammy jo said...

what a fun blog! i love to look at all the cards - they are fabulous! ribbon has always been a bugger for me to store and i haven't found a good way yet (they're rolled up in a plastic jar right now) so i'm going to guess 181 in your lovely EZ pull container. :)

the best way i've found to organize my 12 x 12 paper is to sort it (by color, pattern, whatever makes you happy...), put the groups in plastic folders (they look like big envelopes) and then put the folders in my cropper hopper. they fit perfectly and i can see and access everything all the time. it's really easy to remove the folders when i go on a crop, too...thanks for listening!

Eveline said...

That last sentence did it for my! I'm in. I'm international.
My guess would be 113.
Got here through Kath's blog.
Thank you for giving other people a chance to win lovely blog candy.

Linda Elbourne said...

I have no idea how many ribbons ... But I neeeeeeeed one now ... never seen one before ... TFS

Pauline C said...

Hi Dawn
Wow what a fab selection orf ribbons in your own holder ... my guess is 134. My fave storage solution (boring I know) is my Papermania craft tote .. it just holds LOADS! Going to add you to my blog now ... Pauline x

emily13 said...

That looks lovely! I guess 132. My space saving tip is a simple one. Take things out of the packaging! I have limited stash storage space so emptying things out of their packets saves me loads more space than I'd have though, ribbon reels and packs of embellishments can be quite bulky if you have a lot of them.

Anonymous said...

This is aweome blog! Here is my link to your candy: :)

Heike said...

Wow, wonderful Blog. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful Blog Candy. I've linked you on my Blog.......


Anne said...

How generous, my estimate is about 224 or there abouts


Pascalebrad said...

Wow I love the goodies on offer. I guess 124 ribbons. I am afraid I keep my craft stuff everywhere and I am very slack at storing stuff. I tend to start projects and the piles get higher and higher. A good tip for those of you who tinker in computer craft is to invest in several graphics programs as they all have individual features that can help your designs be more unique.

Karen said...

154 ! What a fun candy, and a great one! I am DESPERATE for decent ribbon storage!
My fave storage is the mini little jam pots I sneak in my bag every time we have breakfast on the ferry UK-France: I use them for keeping anything small in and even for a bit of water when painting or glue in.
I have linked you on my candy roll on right of my blog :)

Angela said...

Hello Dawn,
boah what a great candy,you'll make me really happy with this.
Ok,i guess is 77.
I have no storage system for my ribbons.because i have only 3 and these are laying on my art table.*hihi*
Many greetings

Angie said...

I guess 120. I use jars for ribbons and plastic storage bins for storage.

Alison said...

What fab candy and I love that storage thingamigiggy for ribbons I think you have 173 in that case so there is room for more lol. Popping a link on my blog.

Alison said...

Opps forgot to say my fav storage is my ikea rails that i keep my punches on and tub for my pencils cheap as chips but fab storage.

Heike said...

Hi, Dawn thanks for the info i forget :-))).....

I guess 179 Ribbons....


Sammee said...

How can you bear to be parted from all that lovely candy??? You are very generous.
I guess that you have 143 ribbons.
My favourite storage is using old DVD cases for unmounted stamps.
Am off to put a link on my blog.
Keeping everything crossed - I would so love this stash!!
Sam x

Anonymous said...

My guess is 150 ribbons...beautiful ribbons.

My tip...use the crafty geniuses online for help. I love to browse the craft blogs.

I blogged about your giveaway here:

and here:

Is this giveaway open world wide?



Pamk said...

wow nice prize I am going to try 142. I love my cropper hopper papaer holder

Alyce said...

I guess 148. As far as storage ideas, I use a lot of expandable accordian folders for stickers and scrapbooking papers. I also like my file cabinet and hanging folders for organizing papers.

windycindy said...

"WOWZER!" I would think it was Christmas if I were lucky enough to win all of your fantastic blog candy!
Please enter my name in your virtual drawing hat. I really appreciate it.
Thanks, Cindi

Ribbon Guess = 205

sam said...

I always find it hard to guess.. how about.. 176?
I left a link on my blog to yours. and also there is an award for you there! x sam

Anita said...

Oh my god, what a great candy!!!
I guess there are about 197 ribbons.
I put mine in a wooden box. But i'm far away from the 197 LOL.

scotspanda said...

Hi Dawn,

my guess is 193 ribbons. love the storage bag it looks fabby. as does your blog!! I am a regular visitor but haven't posted a comment before lol. I am a fellow Scots lass and I came to your blog through Kaths. My fave storage item at the moment is my six drawer unit, I just got it and spent ages sorting things out and found lots of things I had forgotten lol. I have just linked you on my blog :)



ally said...

my guess is 173. i keep all my ribbons in baggies on a giant bookring

Kimberly said...

My guess is 112 ribbons.

I keep all my ribbons in those plastic storage shoe boxes. I know it's not exciting or original, but it works for me. I keep most of my supplies in those plastic shoes boxes because they stack niceley in the pantry that I purchased to house my craft supplies.

Thank you for the giveaway!

HunnyV "at" Optonline "dot" net

nicktośka said...

I think there is about 113 ribbons in there..
I have only few so I don't have special place for theme..They are laying in some cartoon box

here is my blog where I put information about you candy

Jenn said...

Great Giveaway! My guess is 137.

Peggi Meyer Graminski said...

Wow, Dawn - this BLOG CANDY just blows me away!!! I will guess that there are 156 ribbons there, and um...I don't like to admit it, but my storage is plastic drawers stuffed with supplies in no kind of's one of my faults LOL I need storage help =)

I will add your Blog Candy to my blog today!! Hope you're doing great!

Hugs, Peggi

Kim Marie said...


I like the clothespins with ribbon wound around them for longer pieces and a jar of scrap pieces too long to wrap.

Nice blog!
Kim Marie

RubyMay said...

Hi Dawn...I'm already linked to you but I will give everyone a shout about your wonderful blog candy x
My guess is 172
My fav storage is a narrow metal curtain pole along the wall. I put long lengths of ribbon over it and I have S hooks and large book rings on there which hold virtually anything in a packet after I have punched a hole in it!

torinem said...

I so want this! What a great way to store ribbon! I'm gonna go with 113. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

Oh, and my storage tip is labels! I label everything. It makes it so much easier to find stuff!

Jenny said...

I'm guessing 112. I tried to make my own pull-ez because I thought they are such a great idea, but mine is not as good as the real thing!!!

Debbie said...

Fun. My guess is 132. My favorite storage tip is that I use a plastic dishpan in my cabinet to hold my pot lids. Works great.

Annelies said...

My guess is 159 ribbons. I really have to reorganize my supplies because I'm not really happy with it right now. I do like my storage of wood mounted stamps: link . These are actually boxes to put cheese, etc. in the fridge and only costed 1€! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

ihchicky said...

My guess is 170. As for my storage. I have a large 3 door plastic dresser that I use to organize all my scrapbooking stuff. Thanks for the chance.

Anonymous said...

My guess is 199.
I'll put the link on my blog!

bubblegum said...

Hi Dawn I jsut love your candy and how generous you are with it too. :) :) :)
I guess you have 201 ribbons in your fabby ribbon ez box. ;)

I thought my trouser hangers were my fav storage for my ribbons but then they ultimately end up in an old box, lol, lol. So I really need a ribbon ez, lol, lol.


scraphobby said...

hello I find it terrible and want a flyer venture 198 ribbon much success Marian

EG said...


My tip: Store half (at least half) of the kid(s)' toys at a time. That way you can swap them out every once in a while and they're like new to the kid(s), plus you don't have to look at them all over the place all the time!

Tina said...

I'm guessing 119. My favorite storage solution is just to put things in the spare room and shut the door. tinawittmer(at)yahoo(dot)com

mary said...


wow this is a very genorous candy, i like the pull EZ, it's PINK lol.

I guess you have 133 ribbons, and my favorite storage is hmmmmm really i don't have it.

I've linked you on my blog :


Barbara Hagerty said...

WOW! This is so fabulous! What fantastic goodies!! My guess is that you have 207 ribbons.

My favorite piece of storage is something I bought from Two Peas In a Bucket, called the Clip 'n Up revolving carousel. It holds more than 100 packets of rub-ons, stickers, bags of ephemera, and so many other things. I can see them all at a glance, unclip them to use them, them clip them back on to the carousel when I'm finished. Right now I have 140 items on it, and it could hold more!

Now I'm off to post about your blog candy on my blog!

*wishing myself luck* XOXO

jane said...

I love my pull-EZ to, but I dont have as many ribbons as you.. wow.. and the candy is fab!!..
my guess is 192...
Fingers and toes are crossed..

Whimsical Creations said...

I guess 123.

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

Laura said...

I'll post my guess as...186! Thanks!

Geyna said...

Mmmmm I think that may have some 165.
This candy and your blog are great!!

I have a recycled case with holes for my rubbons. Is old travel case and i maked holes and put in the ribbons.

Good luck to all but more for my jeje

Greetings from Spain, and sorry for my poor English.

nessy said...

what a great idea ~i`m going to guess 141, but really don`t have a clue!!:~)
my best storage is... children`s food bags for my buttons (baco rainbow snack bags ~that seal together, with cuddly animals pictures on and a panel for writing on)~got mine from tesco`s gone back time again for some more!!
vanessa xx

Nixe07 said...

Hi Dawn, what a great blog candy!! Thanks for the chance to win ...
my guess is 177 ribbon :) I´ve linked your candy here
Hugs, Moni

Ida said...

Great candy :) My guess is 167. Added you to my blog. Have a nice day.


Carol said...


I guess 186 ribbons....

Top tip - none except enjoy whatever you are creating lol


Lisa said...

What a lovely idea!
I guess 162

Thank you

Lisa x

scrapnstamp_hq said...

What cool blog candy you have on offer. I have blogged about it on my blog.

I would guess 121. I don't have any cool storage ideas as I am not lucky enough to have my own scrapbooking room or designated area. I do like my tool tote that I can keep handy by me where ever I scrap.

lisa said...

hi dawn I guess 225 and I love this ribbon storage but couldnt afford one at the time so I made my own out of an old toiletry bag xx

Marte said...

What a fab candy you're offering, Dawn!! :)

My guess is that you have 214 ribbons in your lovely EZ! :) And my all time favourite storage solution is an old window with a lovely frame around. It is perfect for storage of ez-mounted stamps, and is really nice in my scrapping room! :) Also, you could be really lucky finding a cheap one at a fleemarket or even find one for free ;)

Love, Marte

TeresaW said...

Hello Dawn. You have a lot of candy in your blog. I think there are 195 ribbons in the box.

I have just got a set of 8 Peel Off Sticker Storage Folders from QVC so that is my favourite storage solution until the next one comes along. I have put all my peel offs in them and have also put all my metal templates in them, and I have been putting my decoupage in them once I have cut them out watching T.V. The item ref # is 586087 if you are interested

KRISTIN said...

Had to join in on the fun!
My guess is 105.
Don't really have a 'favorite' - I do have my flowers in White Barn candle jars cleaned out after the candle is gone. They look pretty on the shelves and gives me a reason to buy more candles!
Linking you now!

anja said...

hi i think 156 ribbons.
good luck for every one
my favorite storage is my paper tower,who my father made for me and my mother.
gr. from holland, anja bruynen

Emma said...

250 but sat here giggling at your post!! LOL! Dawn this is amazing candy! My top tip is to sort and store all your stamped images in a photo album with pockets. You can see straight away what you have! Will go and link you now but can't wait to actually hear how many ribbons there are!
Oh another tip...empty baby food jars are fab for storing little bits of odd ribbon in! Hugs Em.x

LME said...

I am going to guess 274 :)
I was going to say 400 if you used each hole twice.

I use shoe holders the clear ones to hold my embellishments as you can see at a glance what you have.

*Sally* said...

I guess 174, thanks! Have left a link, I also have candy if you want to join in!

*Sally* said...

Forgot my fav storage solution! Ice cream tubs, definitely!! Ideal size and stackable!

LeAnne said...

I love the Pull EZ too, I think it is my fav storage item at the moment. I am guessing that you still have a few holes to fill in between the ribbons ao I thinking 152.

Linking your post back to my blog at


Julie.G said...

my guess 177, my favorite storage is the Inque Boutique Stamp Keepers for the clear stamps. It is perfect for the $1.00 Michaels stamps.
Great blog candy. Love the ribbon holder..

Captain Scrappy said...

Wow! What great candy! I guess 172.
A tip: I converted a plastic "lazy suzan" style baby food jar storage rack to hold my Prima bottles! I spray painted it to match other stuff in my scrap space. Now my flowers are just a spin away! :)

Captain Scrappy said...

you're linked to my blog!

Saved by Grace said...

This is my first time playing this, so here goes my guess............112!!!

My favorite type of storage thing is things that aren't made for scrapbooking. I always love to think out of the box, I use 2 wooden shoe racks, stacked up on top of eachother to hold paper, magazines, sticker machine etc... And I use a sweater storage thingie that you hang from your closet that holds all of my paper, there's enough slots to hold lots of paper. I use peanut butter jars to store my flowers and I use formula cans to store pens and other misc items. Anywhoo, let me stop before I give all my secrets away......LOL!!!

Thanks for letting me share!

God bless you!

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ANGELO said...

I am so thrilled to be able to join you blog candy!!! It is awsome! Oh, ah, well, my guess on the amount of ribbons is... 166. That is my favourite number, so I hope that will help me this time :)

My idea for a favourite container must be a see-through jar for my buttons, and another one for all of my ribbons. It is so much easier to use my stash when I can see what I have :)

Then I'll just wait for my lucky day when I'll win these candies!!! :)

Kristin from Norway :)

Oh, here is the link to my blog:

Su said...

Well I came onto guess 176 how spooky is that as its the 1st guess so I will go with 177 instead lol. This is just a fab blog candy and would love so much to win.
As for a storage idea I have just used an old shoe box, which I covered and inside I have cut down deviders to fit so that I could have all my peel offs in order flowers, butterflies, birthday silver etc
Well thanks for the candy offer
Su x

Susan said...

My guess is 137, purely because that's how many comments there are currently :P
I'm drooling over that ribbon organiser - it looks fantastic, and if I had one, I'm pretty sure that would be my favourite. But, my fave out of what I use now is probably . . .all my free re-cycled storage. Margarine tubs for punchies, cat pouch boxes for my scissors, shoe boxes for my smaller bits of paper, chinese take-away tubs for die cuts, oh, and not recycled, but very handy - I bought some cheap cutlery trays and put them in my drawers to keep smaller things find-able.
Fantastic blog candy, thanks very much,
Susan :)

Debby said...

I love your blog! Beautiful artwork!

Tash said...

Such wonderful blog candy - WOW! I think there are 156 ribbons in your storage! My favourite storage item at the moment are the little spice jars from Ikea - just fabulous for storing Primas and other paper flowers by colour group - line them up in a pretty row and be inspired!!

(tinxmagic) Laura said...

What a wonderful blog you have here... I have never been here before but will return frequently now that I have found you!
I am going to guess that you have 185 in your ribbon storage... what a wonderful little invention that little holder is.
I would say that my Totally Cool Tote Too is the best storage investment ever!!! I LOVE IT!!!
I'll try to get some pictures of it on my blog:
thanks for a fun game!!!
Good luck to whom ever wins!!!

Hulachickabella said...

I'm guessing 150! Ribbons rock! I bought a rolling locker cart from IKEA in the "as is" section for $20. It has 6 drawers. I use the top for my SU ink caddy and SU markers, the top two drawers have punches, the next has cleaners and cutters, the next has ribbon spools, the next, bottons, brads and doo-dads and the bottom has flowers and fibers. There are label holders on the front of each drawer so visiting croppers know where my stuff is hidden! The drawers are removable so I can transport anything I'm working on to and from the table with ease! Pick me, pick me! =)

*★-La kLaU-★* said...

welll... those are really nice things... !!!
thanks for share!!

i think that are like 210 ribbons there!! OMG, i hope!

some storage tips, are the mayonese bottles to fill with buttons or brads, flowers and more!

kisses from méxico!

Anonymous said...

My guess is 182 ribbons are in there. That is ribbon heaven!

Liza said...

Fab blog candy Dawn. My guess is 153. I have just bought some cute storage boxes that you can see here
I have also linked to you from my blog. Liza x

Hanne said...

Hi Dawn, it's me again - now I've told about your candy, and also taken a couple of pics *hahaha*

Hugs to you, you're really kind!!!

Turid Mari said...

Wow!!! Great Candyy :)
I'll guess that you've got 186 ribbons in your bag :)

You can see my favorite storage in this picture:

(sorry.. I don't know how to link)
It's my ribbon hanger that I've made by tiny "curtain rods" (don't know if that's the right term to use..)

And also my wire to hang embellishments that are still in their packaging :)

Keeping my fingers crossed :)
Hugs from Turid.

Debby said...

Well I wasn't really going to enter but after you twisted my arm, sure I'll guess then I'll post something on my blog so that I follow all the rules. How about 149. Also I have something for you on my blog ;-)

Ginny said...

I'm going to guess 122. I'm terrible at organizing, but I prefer vertical storage overall. If you are in a small space, then go up with shelving!

Donna said...

wow great candy, look at all your ribbon my goodness, i'm going to guess you have 97, fingers will stay crossed till the 30th lol, i'm going to leave a link on my blog now and i favorite storage are my old coffee jars for buttons etc. Donna x

Hilmarose said...

well... someone took my guess but I will say 121!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Hilmarose said...

I forgot to add... I roll my ribbon around cardboard spools!

Winxy Escapes said...

awesome! I will link you on blog

love the site as well first time

Winxy Escapes said...

oops I forgot to guess. its late lol

my guess is ... 158 ribbons.


Liane said...

Wow, yummy candy... plus not too bad for my teeth! I am guessing 177!

Sammi said...

My guess is 127 :)
What a great pile of candy - very generous... I have a box with compartments in it for ribbon at the moment... It fits the ones that came in ot but not a lot more .. am working out storage solutions at the moment. lol! :)
Off to post about your candy now!!

Lavender stamper said...

Wow super candy
I guess 164

Happy Crafting

Lavender stamper said...

oh gosh got so excited forgot to tell you about my favourite storage, I use chinese food plastic cartons, but I love pretty things like the Prima bottles so everything can be seen.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn my guess is 152.
My favourite storage solution is using kilner jars from ikea to store my buttons in.
thanks Sally

Krissie said...

Wow - what an awesome blog candy! :D

I think you have 184 ribbons. :D

My favourite storage-thingy is Craft Mate's Double Snappin Organizer! I LOVE IT! :D

Jane said...

Dawn It's the 30th
Is it time for the announcement yet? ROFL

Can you see I'm keen!

Jane x

Ragnhild said...

Oh, am I too late ?
I guess that you've got 171 ribbons.

I dont have any other storage solutions than boxes and jars.
All my ribbons lives in å shoe box.

Inger Marie said...

Wow your blogcandy is amazing and i hope it´s not to late to join this.
I guess 147 ribbons:)
Glass jar is my favourites

Hold my fingers crossed

Hugs from inger marie

Jacqueline TrésBella said...

My guess 143. Wow what great ribbons! and blog candy. I use decorated suitcases (small) and boxes to store my supplies. some coordinate ( flower theme, travel theme, etc.) The only same theme is they all have french words on them. You can stack them around and they look nice and no one knows whats in them!


Gayle said...

I'll take a punt at 112 Dawn. You are soooo generous, there's oodles of goodies there!

Louly said...

Oh wow Dawn! How super generous is that!I must get myself one of those cases if I'm not lucky enough to win because my ribbons are in serious need of organisation. My storage tip? Hmm let me think, ah yes, I use those mini glass marmalade pots for my prisma pencils so that I can have a row of pots on my desk with each colour group of pencils kept seperate.
My guess is 183.

kim-paperbabe said...

Wow what fabulous candy thank you!!!

My guess is 185 ribbons. I would love one of those pull-EZ as my ribbons are in complete disarray in a box!

Kim x

Liten scrapper said...

I guess 171:)
My favourite storage is a thing to have CD's in. I have many envelopes in it with stamps prints:) Easy to find what I wont.

(Sorry for my very bad English:S)

Liten scrapper

ENJAY said...

Wow !! Fabulous blog candy, I have added link on my blog.

scrapingmom12 said...

Hi Dawn,
i guess 100......
i would love to win it,
i need a place to put my ribbon i have it in baskets and it is over flowing all over the place......

retiredheather said...

Dawn what lovely candy. I`m guessing there are 182 ribbons in the case. I have many baskets to store things in but the problem is they may look good but they don`t stack well at all.

Jacilynn said...

Great Blog! My guess is 87. My favorite storage is a tool chest that holds 1000's of embellishments.