Monday, 20 October 2008

Two lovely awards.....

Two gorgeous awards from two lovely ladies.

The first one is from Gisela and Heidi - Thanks so much - Gisela is such a lovely lady and makes lots of cards in a week and enters lots of challenges too! Heidi makes stunning cards - you just have to visit her blog - I have to pass this on to 3 other bloggy mates and it's so hard to choose, so I am passing this lovely seasonal award on to : Emma, Kath and Dawne who all know what it's like to live in the wilds of Scotland with Autumn here and Winter fast approaching!! LOL

The second one is from Heather - Thank Yoooo Heather for thinking of me. Another Scottish crafter from along the coast who also make fantastic cards. This award is up for grabs to all my bloggy friends who amaze me each day with their words and inspiration - so please feel free to claim it and display it proudly!!


Dawny P said...

Congrats to yer girl lolxxxx What a gorge pic!! Hope you are well and having a great weekend xxx

Emma said...

Thanks so much Babe...its gorgeous! Will be back over later to have a proper catch up. Hugs Em.x