Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Catch Up........

Okay I have a few things to catch up on:

I received this fabby award from the lovely Joey my SBS Sistah!! and she also tagged me!! and from Patti in Holland .
So I have to answer these questions and pass the tag on to 5 other people!!

Thanks sooo much Joey - You're a wee angel!
Thank You Patti - so are you!!!

5 Things I love:

The two furries
Eating out
Tennis - especially Rafael Nadal - Mrrreeeooww!!
Buying Stash!!!
Californication used to be on Channel 5
Things I don't:
Celery, Peppers and lumpy mash - Uggh!!
Cleaning and ironing
Trying to buy a drink at a busy bar - Grrr!!
Rain, sleet, and gales....

Music on I-pod:

Don't have one - hardly ever listen to music nowadays except when I'm on my own blog!!

Fav Food/Drinks:

Diet Irn-Bru
Vodka and Tonic
Lemon Sole and chips
Steak and Chips with all the trimmings (Yum)
Mum's Lasagne!

Okay I know everyone is so busy so if you want this tag to pass on - Feel free and consider yourself tagged!!!

I also received this award from three fabby ladies Carol, Jackie and June

Thanks so much y'all for thinking of me - I'm truly grateful.
They are all such talented ladies and have great blogs...

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