Saturday, 29 November 2008

More Mail and Goodies

OOoh me and Mr Postie are on first name terms now!!! LOL

I just rececived all these goodies from my lovely friend Sabina in Australia - Yum - check out the chocolate - (Pride of place at the front!!- that won't last long I can tell ya!!)
We are doing a Xmas Fat Page swap over at Papercraft Junkies Forum and she sent me such lovely stuff - Wheee my first Xmas present!!!

Sabina doesn't have a blog but I know she reads mine so THANK YOU you lovely lady you!!!! - I love it all and my tiger stamp is brilliant!!!

Will phone you tomorrow as it's too late now

Now Miss Furry Pants (Peaches) just couldn't resist getting in on the show - I'm tellin' ya she is obsessed with paper and stuff - she was straight over like a Rat or should I say Cat up a drain pipe!!!!! - Sabina - she had a good old snuff - I think she could smell your Bonnie!!


June said...

Fabulous Dawn, you are very lucky :) Love to recieve stuff from the postie
Hugs june xxx

melody said...

look at all those yummy goodies ~ that's awesome chickie..and how sweet of your friend

Angelus said...

Love your blog, and certainly your two Furries. Mine is a Siamese and loves to take over any paper her can sit on. Oh yes, and your creations are lovely. Such cute cats!!!

Carol said...

Dawn you're having a great post week aren't you! that chocolate looks rather yummy - was it nice?? lolxx