Saturday, 25 October 2008

PIF (Pay It Forward)

Yesterday I won a PIF from the lovely Tina and her gorgeous pupster Poppy!!
Well Poppy did the choosing actually these furry name generators are all the rage you know!!! LOL. Anyhow it is now my turn to Pay It Foward with a little surprise - so the first three people to leave a comment here will be put into a draw and a random name chosen, the winner will then have to PIF on their blog - Easy Peasy!!
This will close after 3 comments have been given.
A nice little surprise will then be sent to the winner!

Thanks Tina and Poppy!!


leann said...

Thought you'd got yourself a doggy when I first saw this pic!
Hugs x

Cazzy said...

Hi Dawn, there is an award for you on my blog if you would like to accept it!

Cazzy x

scotspanda said...

hiya hun, I love the idea of PIF, it shares the joy eh lol


Amanda xxx

June said...

Hello my friend. I just popped by to say i hope all is well this week with you.
Sending hugs and congrats on the win
Hugs June xxx

PayItForwardChallenge said...

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