Wednesday, 26 November 2008

PIF Winner!!

Och!! I'll do it - Okay I'm choosin' Cazzy!!!!

I'm not doing it today - I'm just lazin' about!!!

Well Peaches was just too lazy today she wouldn't help at all - Didn't feel like it!!!!! - the wee furry monkey (she just loves her brown paper bags though!!) , so I just left the 4 paper sheets lying out but nothing was happening then suddenly out of the blue Pepsi got out of her bed ( you can just see it in the background!!) and did the needfull - she just went over and nice as you like sat on CAZZY!! So Cazzy you're It!!!!


Cazzy said...

Thanks for choosing me Pepsi! You are clever!

maddy hill said...

congrats cazzy !
love that card on the post below !

melody said...

aww..that's cute! darlin pics chickie

maddy hill said...

forgot to say Dawn , your on calvin the mouse's friend list !

scotspanda said...

heehee what is they say? never work with kids or animals lol good on you pepsi, congrats to Cazzy :)


Amanda xx

joey said...

awww Dawn, your cats are adoreable!.x

mueppi said...

Dawn, your cats are so lovely!
Hugs Gisela