Friday, 26 December 2008

Free Art Pics

My lovely friend June has set up a new blog - ARTFREEBIES giving away daily art pics , you can see them all HERE. June produces wonderful mixed media artwork and has also set up a new challenge blog Art on The Dark Side - Here is what June's challenge blog is all about:-

So you like to create ?
You enjoy mixed media art?
You love making atc's, postcards, journalling etc ?
Have you ever considered freeing yourself totally within your art ? How often do you give free reign to your darkside within your art ? Not often I can guess because we tend to think of the darker side as a taboo subject within art. If its not accepted then we are denying ourselves the truth. Do you only have 'light hearted art' in your soul ? I think not, and i believe that we should all be reaching further than just halfway and creating with everything we have,including that intriquing place within us where the darkness lays. Dare you join me on this journey ? Dare you reach for it all and paint your canvasses with the truth ?

Interested? - Then check it out there is some great art there!


Cassie said...

Hi Dawn! I hope that you had a lovely Christmas celebration! These both look like interesting blogs! I'll definitely be keeping a watch on "Art On The Dark Side"! It looks like she has had some fabulous entries in the past so far!

julietk said...

Hope you had a great Christmas Day, apart from being stuffed :D
I will check out the Artfreebies thanks.
Have a look at the new magazine on my blog created by a friend of mine. She would be chuffed if you wanted to contribute.Hugs Juliet
I tried to make my Goblin a dark figure but he came out quite friendly looking. My hubby cracked me up and said he looked like he'd been to Man at C&A because I made the clothes so nice. mm now I'm waffling and this is not even my blog LOL

melody zahara said...

thankx for the links
wishing you and your family a very merry chirstmas and may 2009 bring you lots of love, laughter and sunshine ~ hugs chickie!

Paper doll said...

Glad you had a yummy christmas lunch to go along with the xmas festivities.

Ana Baird said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Dawn!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn...Hope you had a `fabulous` Christmas time....
must check these blogs out..Have a lovely Evening:)~X~