Saturday, 6 December 2008

Pets and Cards!

Get that thing outta ma face!!!

Well I just had to show this photo of Princess Peaches - I swear this cat thinks she is one - she commandeers all new toys and beds that come into the house and poor Pepsi gets the left overs!

Here she is ensconced in the new "Doughnut" bed snuggled up to the warm radiator...

I also made a Doggy Xmas card for a family friend!


Cassie said...

Awww, she looks so sweet! Wouldn't it be nice to be a house cat!

Bona said...

Super cute card Dawn. I ♥ it.

mueppi said...

Your card is great Dawn!
Your cat looks lovely!
Hugs Gisela

scotspanda said...

hehehehe good on Peaches!!! I am jealous I would love to be able to cuddle up next to the radiator lol

fab card, what a cute wee doggie :)


Amanda xxx

Anesha said...

Great card but Peaches is the winner here! :-)
Wish my Skipper would take to new toys and beds like this.

TeresaW said...

Teee, Hee, I know that face with my Emily. I always say, look for the the cat when visiting a new place and sit where they sit, it's the warmest place.

Deb Wood said...

Very cute!!