Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Scarey Computer Problems!!!

I have spent the whole day trying to remove virus and Trojans from this bloomin' laptop, I knew I had some - my current spyware picked up a few, but today kept getting Security Alerts and my spyware showed "Fake Alert Trojan" and it was going so slow, now all this happened since Sunday and I had downloaded some stuff and now I'm sure it was infected. I also had infected files which I had placed some more downloads in. I decided to do some research and downloaded Spybot which searches and destroys Trojans,worms etc - WELL the result of the scan was - wait for it...... 14 Trojans (which my spyware had not picked all of them up), 1 Malware and 3 browser problems, so they have been destroyed now.
I will certainly not be downloading so much stuff from sites or blogs because you just never know nowadays. When I was reading up about the Trojans and worms it was scarey stuff - clicking on the wrong button, site or blog just once and Wheee ! a Trojan could be winging it's way into your system - trying to get personal details etc. I knew all this already and really with all the surfing and browsing I do, I am lucky that it is such a small percentage.


Cassie said...

Ugh! I feel your pain sister! Last year the very same thing happened to my computer. It now sits in a closet, and I am working on my Mothers computer that I basically stole from her! I spent some money trying to fix mine, but it was getting too expensive. It was bad. I'll get it fixed someday, just not any time soon! I am so scared of downloading stuff now!

Kath said...

Yes it's scary Dawn...I have AVG which has a phising filter which is pretty good but none of them are foolproof....I have stopped passing on these e-mails that have been half way round the world....don't know what they contain.

TeresaW said...

Scary stuff. That is the reason why I steered clear of chat groups and blogging for years. The problem is, that is what I like to do these days. I think the scary part is that it sounds like you already had the precautions in place and it didn't pick up the problems like it was supposed to.

Someone is making a lot of money out there selling stuff that doesn't do the job. :0(

julietk said...

Arg computers can't live with em can't live without em :D
Download (don't panic) Avast antivirus it's free and blooming brilliant at catching trojans before they get in,hugs juliet

Macpurp said...

oh I hate trojans and virus's!
hope you get it all sorted out.

you got much snow?
lots of love


Ikki said...

Hi Dawn, I know just how scary and frustrating this is - it happened to me three weeks ago and I was only looking for Penny Black stamps and ended up on a porn site. Not so cute!!! lol. I have AVG, but now I know about spybot and avast I'll find out more. Thanks, hope it sorted now. ikki

melody said...

ack..that's so scary! yep..i'm so careful and am always crossing my fingers..those trojans are D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S!

clare said...

aww..hun hope you get it sorted soon.
there is so much happeneing out there got to be very carefull what ever you click on.
hugs clarex