Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Do Ya Wanna Be A Blog Robin??!!

Well Claire's next issue of her online mag will soon be ready for readers. Visit The Secret Corridor and find out more......

A few weeks ago I left a comment on
Juliet's blog for a "Round Robin Blog Hop" request which is all part of Claire's magazine, well I got chosen - so this issue I'm the Blog Robin, so if you want to be part of the Round Robin Blog Hop please leave a comment at this post, a Robin will then be chosen at random in 2 weeks time and featured in the next issue.

So come and join in the fun and leave your comment below! You can also contribute to the mag too AND there is a challenge to design a new "Blog Robin"....


June said...

Fantastic Dawn thanks
Also thanks for your lovely comments on my blog and the link to the dark blog i am off to see it now
your an angel
Hugs June x

Linda Elbourne said...

I came to put my name down for the blog hop ... then I got side tracked with Bo Jangles ... Thank you for the music X

Wendi said...

What a brilliant idea and a super mag,your blog is lovely I especially like your cuttlebug card above
Wendi x

Bettina Groh said...

I'd gotten myself so fixated on a few craft and art areas that I have been amazed at all the "new to me" arts and crafts that I have come across by hopping from blog to blog!

Chris said...

Sounds like a fab idea Dawn... have just snagged the mag for my blog and it looks cool... count me in :D
Chris xx

Jigpaws said...

Hi Dawn,
Just wanted to add my name to the "Round Robin Blog Hop" :o)

What a fantastic idea!!!


nikkisnoveltygifts said...

Hi Dawn. Just called by to say congrats on your grand blog. I got sidetracked by your links and have been bowled over by Calvin the mouse's charms so have added him to my blog. How cute is he??!! Will be popping back from time to time to say hi :)