Monday, 19 January 2009

Famous Puss!!!

Whooo Hooo!! Peaches has only gone and got herself in print!!! ROFL
I usually buy this cat calendar every year from the US, I had sent off photos last year of my two furries as part of the yearly competition and Guess What? Peaches is in this year's calendar!!

She is a bloomin' poseur anyway and hams it up as soon as she sees a camera, I only recieved the calendar yesterday and was pulling off the dates that had passed and lo and behold there was Miss Furrypants staring back at me on the 8th of January Page!!! LOL!! squashing herself into her cube bed which the two of them used to fight over constantly!


Lorraine Robertson said...

Oh that is so wonderful.... and she's just adorable too....

Thank you for entering my blog candy..

Lorraine xxx

TeresaW said...

Oh Dawn, I just love your cats, you could do a comic strip about them they are so funny.

Kath said...

wow well done does it feel to be famous....she is just adorable....wooo.hooo.

Dawny P said...

Ohh just look at her - she knows she is gorgeous!! Congrats Miss Peaches for making the big time. And I bet her mummsy is very proud of her, and quite right too xxxxxx

Tracey said...

So cute! Congrats on your famous kitty!!

Macpurp said...

dear Peaches, I love your calender!
i have been on the BBC website ......and of course my mum blogs about me all the time, so if you need any advice about being famous ....just ask!

love Poppy-dog!


Carolyn Bounds said...

Hahahaha!!! Peaches is a calendar girl:o) She does look like she's posing...she already knew she was famous and was destined to be in print! This picture is too, too cute!!!


Anesha said...

Congratulations Peaches!! Great photos, just so cute!

ella bella said...

wow way to go Peaches!!! he is adorable :)
Tracy x