Monday, 26 January 2009

Photo Challenge....

Morning it's bright and sunny today!! Yaaay!!
Still in my jammies!!! eating Weetabix......

Got this strange letter today addressed only with my address - opened it up and it's from some Channel 4 production company asking for people who live in Love Lanes (which I do) to come forward if they have a love story to tell !!!!! They are going to be making a programme - Now what do you think should I spill the beans or not???!!! LOL. Think NOT!!! They have obviously sent out letters all over the UK to people that live in a Love Lane hoping someone will get back to them!!

I could just imagine my mum's face when that was aired - I often say to myself when these programmes come on TV - Where do they get these people from - Now I know - funny letters in the post!!!! - Mmmm wonder how much they pay??? ROFL!

Wierd things happening to me lately!

So I have been photo challenged! by Lim and Heidi:

In the 6th folder, take the 6th picture and post it on your blog.
Write something about the picture.
Challenge 6 new people to join this challeng..

Well I'm afraid my photos are all so boring - I don't keep much else on here but cards, cats and ATC's - so here is my sixth picture!

No cheating this really is my sixth folder and sixth picture - Yes Miss "Ham it Up Furrypants" - Peaches! - Again!!

So now I have to choose 6 people :

Peggi - I bet you have some interesting photos , Cassie, Gisela, Julie, Fe, Jo

Oh! and Guess What? - I have won something else - came in the post today - another giveaway in a magazine:

So if anyone can guess what I have won - I will pop a little something in the post for you!!!!

It's not a very BIG thing like my BIA or anything but it begins with F............

Will be back later today with the piccie!!! Hee Hee!!


weewiccababe said...

a forever friends kit/stamp?
a flibbertygibbit?

Diane.W. said...

Forever Friends goodies?!!!

Julie said...

ooh you're on a lucky streak... urm I would have said forever friends goodies too but as thats been guessed....fimo??

Thanks for the photo challenge I'll go and have a look :)

Tracey said...

I think I will say Forever Friends goodies or maybe flowers?!?!

Fe-Fe said...

Thanks for the challenge Dawn. I quite like this one - very funny. I'm off to my folder to see what mine is! Lol!

Congratulations on your win. Is it feathers?

Fe x

Boots the Monkey (Jo) said...

Thank's Dawn ! I've added my photo of my baby ! Many congrats on your win and another surprise parcel. Anything from "Fiskars" ? I'm dying to find out what it is - will be back later !


Jo x

Jane said...

Hmmm My guess has gone to hich was fiskars, so I will say FLOWERSOFT

Well done on your lucky streak, it's such fun huh?

Julie has challenged me to the 6th of the 6th photo challenge, so I will be off to do that now!
Jane x

Cassie said...

What a sweetie looking cat! My pictures are rather boring! I'll get my posted this evening when I get home!

I can't imagine what you have won! Maybe some Fiskars Scissors? Can't wait to find out!

E.T said...

i thought you finally got my post:( i am sending you another one soon :(

metalicbutterfly said...

Hi Dawn arnt you the lucky one lately ...I think its a forever friends stamp!

Love n stuff Emma xxx

Macpurp said...

beautifil miss peaches!!! lovely photo!

love teen xx

bubblegum said...

Aww there she is herself - pretty as a picture..:)