Thursday, 15 January 2009

Sad Day!!!!!! but Good Day !!!!

Greetings!! from a wet and wild (is that not a fun ride in Spain???!!) North East Scotland!! Wish I was in Spain at the moment
Well I got a shock today when I went to my local craft shop - They are CLOSING DOWN!!!!

Double EEEEK!! I knew it was up for Sale but unfortunately she is closing it soon. She wants to retire although she has a really good business.
SO...... everything is HALF PRICE well that's all I needed to hear OR NOT as the case may be, now you'd think an unemployed crafter with no job on the horizon!!! would wise up to herself but Oh No!!! the brain switched immediately into craft bargain mode and off I went like a demented Duracell Bunnie.... I kid you not - look what I got - ALL of this worth over 6o squids for under 30!!!! You can't see properly how much Bazzill and Core'dination I got!
The stamps are yummy and I have my eye on a few more!!! LOL
Distress ink pads were beckoning too - buy me! buy me!! but I DID resist those!!

Do you think my bank manager will notice if I go back for more!!!!! LOL
What on earth am I going to do now when I need that urgent bit of kit, the nearest craft store now is 40+ miles away and a really busy road - takes forever to get there! Hrrrumph!!
Well girlies I feel a cleaning spree of the craft area coming on - will be back soon with my first Kadoodle card and a sneek peak -


weewiccababe said...

Hi Dawn, great bargains - which crafty shop is that? I'll have to take a wee trip this weekend

Diane.W. said...

Wow,fab stash!!!
Wonder how long it would take me to get to you from Bradford,lol?!!! ;O)x

Anesha said...

Wow, love your goodies. Looks like someone else does as well (from the side of the photo)!:-)
Sorry your shop is closing down.

Lyn said...

I reckon if I start driving now, I might get there before they close down. I know what you mean though, my local shops have all closed down and as good as the internet is, I love to see the stuff in real life.

p.s Just going to post my first card as well

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Dawn, sorry to hear about your local craft shop closing down. Am pleased to see that you got some really good bargains. Thankfully I have two craft shops in our town, Stamp Addicts on the outskirts and a Carft Warehouse 12 miles away which is open some week-ends but because I can't drive far I have to resort to buying most of my craft stuff off the web and just go to the shops to buy the heavy stuff ie paper/card etc. Kym

Carol said...

Wow!! Dawn didn't you do well! Sad for you that you are losing your craft store close by....but happy that you got some fabby bargains :)
My local store is only about four miles away(Stamp Addicts) but i still don't get to go very often....i'm usually at work and can't fit it in on a Saurday!!
Looking forward to seeing some yummy creations with your new goodies :)
Give Pepsi & Peaches a kiss from me!

Carol x

bubblegum said...

Wow Dawn - fabby stash you have bought there girl...shame your wee shop is closing down local one is too...:(
Now why don't you take over the wee shop eh??? I can just see you in there chatting away to all your customers. :)


Cazzy said...

Wow, you are a naughty girl - but I like you!

(I would have done the same).

Cazzy x

Kath said...

Well it's a sign of the times isn't it...craft shops are in for a difficult year I think...but it is so sad.....we have a new one opened up again in Aberdeen...Holburn that would be a good excuse to meet with moi....we could have lunch and a lookie to see what they got.

TeresaW said...

I think the dancing bunnies are my favourite, followed by the Sunday Shoes - I had to look twice at it, and only got it when I read the wording. Good choice of stash there.

Creative Chaos said...

Wowww... great stamps you bought !!! Are you sure you're not going back for more ?? LOL
Patti xx

kazabing said...

Wow! what bargains you managed to get yourself - I'm sure the branch manager wont ming. lol. Karen.xx