Saturday, 7 February 2009

Oh Yummy!!!!

Well I got my paws on some flour and cocoa and made  "The Cake" and I must say it was really good, although I think I might have to play about with the cooking time a bit could have done with a few seconds less cooking  - but Oh it's far too easy for my liking.

Who would have thought you could have  a choccie cake in 2- 3 minutes!!



The white bits are white choc chips - EEEK!! but they were sooo good all melted!!!


Then some cream just for the hell of it!!!


Macpurp said...

you naughty wifie you!!!
that looks tasty!


E.T said...

i love anything chocolate! i bake lodsa cakes n all of them are cocolate based!

Chrissie said...

I'm going to make another one tonight! This time WITH chocolate chips! Yummeeeee!

TeresaW said...

I'm going to make another one with a mars bar in it - I had to adjust my times too. I don't think I have it quite right yet, so I "have" to try it again. Yes, right. ....

Kath said...

you are such a wicked woman....tempting us all with that yummy chocolate cake with cream
Hugs Kath xxxx

greenc said...

This Christmas, due to economic issues, my family decided that we could only exchange homemade gifts. So I made up several of these, put them in plastic zip bags, attached them with ribbon to a coffee mug and that was the gift that I gave my nephew who's a freshman in college. He thought they were great. He could have cake whenever he wanted with very little mess and even less cleanup. I also made an easy glaze to mix in a little zip bag to put on top of it when it was done. I now rate as the favorite aunt!!!

melody said...

YUMMY! you're a tease!