Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Report on the Cake Recipe Below!!!

Well Chrissie has reported back - Thanks Chrissie!!! regarding the Dangerous Cake Recipe (See Below)and she confirms it is "Yummiliscious"

Herself and her husband polished one off yesterday - Oh I've got to get me some flour and Cocoa Powder soon!

Well I'm squirreling away getting caught up on some DT stuff, the rain has finally stopped, still grey and cold but hey! - NO SNOW - Yaaay!!!

Be back later with something or other - hopefully!!!!


Kath said...

Gotta try this recipe...sounds yummy and no snow....we have oodles..will send some your way....and it's still snowing
Kath xxxx

TeresaW said...

Ooh, I missed that recipe, I'm gona have a look right now.

Macpurp said...

am glad someone else has tried it, that means I wont have to! lol
love teen xx