Thursday, 19 February 2009

Some of my Birthday Goodies!!

Bit of a long post but hey ho!!!

Well it's a lovely sunny spring like day today!! It's soo good to see some sun!!

Just thought I would post up some of the gorgeous cards and goodies I got from my lovely bloggy buds and friends. I had a lovely day yesterday. Having a carry out meal tonight not sure from where as I am having a night out with the girlies tomorrow and we are going to the Tai first - Yumm!!


This came from my lovely lovely friend Sabina in Australia - she sent me a gorgeous bracelet which she made to match the necklace she had already sent me earlier - and yaaay!! some of the lovely doily tablecloth which I love to use!! Hrrmmm!! the choccie doesn't look like that now - Mmm!!


Tina said she tried to send Poppy Dog but she ate all the stamps!! LOL

Thanks so much for my beloved Braveheart Teen!!!


Debbie sent some lovely images for me to play with too - Thank Yoooo!!


Dee shares the same birthday as me!!She was 60 yesterday and phoned me at 9.25am - needless to say I was still in bed!! EEK!! Hope you had a great day!! Her daughter Fe sent some lovely flowers and brads needless to say they were whipped into my stash right away!!


More yummy choccies and the cute Happy Hopper card from Jo!




Nancy sent me this gorgeous card and image as part of the OWOH Giveaway.

So thanks to everyone for your lovely cards - I love Blogland!!!! Siiigh!!


Julie Allain said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I didn't know it was your birthday Dawn hope you had a lovely day xxxxx

TeresaW said...

Those cards are gorgeous, I bet the chocies were gorgeous too. I'm glad that you had a great day, and there is nothing like having an extended birthday treat with the girlies. Enjoy your meal out.

Sinikka said...

I can not believe that I didn't know it was your birthday!!!!!
Congrats dear.
Hmmm, have to think about something for you.
Will return

Hugs Sinikka

weewiccababe said...

happy birthday, does that make you another Aquarian or are you right on the cusp?
enjoy your carry-oot!

julietk said...

Just popped over to say Happy Birthday, X Juliet

Kazabing said...

Happy Birthday, hope you are having a lovely day. Karen xx

Craftyanny said...

Happy Birthday Dawn. You've certainly been spoiled today

Cheryl said...

Dawn you got some wonderful goodies for your birthday. I got your fabulous package today and can't wait to play with some of the goodies. I love those tags and cards! Only one problem. I don't have your address???

Tara said...

Belated Happy Birthday Dawn, looks like you had some yummy cards and goodies! xx

E.T said...

When was it?? :(

Chris said...

I'm so happy you had so many beautiful cards and presents Dawn! You must have had so much fun opening all your lovely gifts. I've explained the absence of mine (boo hoo) in the post below :(!!!!!! Glad you had a lovely Birthday and hope you have a great night out with the girls. Chris xxx

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Dawn hun!!!!
I did not know it was your birthday I hope you had a fantastic day!!!

Emma xxx

Cassie said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a fun few days planned.

Fe-Fe said...

Didn't you do well?! Some fabulous cards and gifts there. Glad you had a fab Birthday! It was lovely to talk to you Dawn and at least we left it until after nine to phone and didn't ring you at 6.30am when JJ woke up!! Lol! :-)

Glad you liked the crafty bits and card I sent.

Fe x