Wednesday, 25 February 2009

What is going on with Mr Blogger tonight??

Oh dear peeps!!

I have been trying to visit blogs tonight but Word Verification is just not loading on your blogs so have been unable to comment . Grrrr!!

Now this could be an omen and perhaps an appropriate time for me to mention the dreaded Word Verification again which is so prevalent in Blogland which I can totally understand but I really want to visit you all and sometimes it does hinder visiting and commenting especially when you type in what you think are the letters only to find they are wrong and have to "Try Again" and even "Again!!"- Grrr!!. (My eyesight definitely isn't what it used to be and having to spend time re typing those bloomin' fiddly letters is such a waste of bloggy time especially too for us DT members who really love coming and checking out all your fabby creations, which for me is one of the best things about challenges...

So tonight unfortunately I haven't been able to comment on those blogs with word verification in place - don't know if it's just my blog or if it has been happening to others.

Now by all means if you want to stay safe make sure you have comment moderation which also helps stop those unwanted robotic comments!!!

Me? I have nothing (although at first I didn't even realise I had WV on and had to turn it off after someone told me I had it on my blog!!)- I just go with the flow and to be honest I think I have had to remove three comments at the most since my blogging started, but should I be inundated with unwanted visitors I will just put comment moderation on.

Some folks have word verification AND comment moderation.......

Okay oops bit of a long post/rant but I know this has been raised before but boy those WV are creeping up and up!!

So Please!! Please!! Give it a go and turn off the dreaded Word Verification!! ........ Just Say No!!!



Macpurp said...

it is not just you! I have given up trying to leave a comment on three folks blogs this evening.
it drives me nuts!


Rica said...

Oh thanks for this post Dawn - I thought it was me, especially as my photograph disappeared and it took me an hour to get it back.. (not that I liked it anyway - just the best of a bad lot - lol).
Mr Google must me upgrading again - poor chap can't cope with all us bloggers!!!
hugs Heather xx

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Me too it doesnt help you spread bloggy love thats for sure!!
Naughty Mr Blogger!!

Emma xxx

WillowLakeScents said...

Same thing going on here ~ boy, with the followers glitch going on too it's making blogging very difficult today !

Carolyn Bounds said...

It has been happening to me too. I am so glad you posted this because I thought there was something wrong with my computer. Happy to hear that it wasn't.

I know what you mean about the word verification. I didn't know it was on my blog either until you posted about it and I was eager to have a look. I have since removed mine too; and like you, I have nothing in place. So far (knocking on wood:), I have had no robotic or spam comments. If so, I will be moderating.

Thank you for the heads up my dear!!!!


Cheryl said...

I have been having trouble also! The ways of blogging......

~ melody zahara ~ said...

thankx for the post dawn
i went and double checked mine..hope i did
it right..i had the WV on before..because of *not so nice* people..whom i don't know..leaving nasty stuff on my blog..seems they've gone now..whohoo! can ya check to see if mine is off..muchly appreciated.

Denise said...

I have been having that problem too, I thought it was just on my end.

Kath said...

me too Dawn....such a pain the butt....just like VW....lots of folks don't even know they've got it on.
Hugs Kath xxxxx

Angelo said...

I so do agree with you, Dawn! I hate to type those letters just to get them wrong and have to do all over again...grrrr!

I love your comments on my blog and I don't have comment moderation or word verification on so please come back to visit me :)

I've given you and award on my blog :)

Hugs, Kristin :)

cats whiskers said...

Thnks for this dear, I do so agree with you and I have trouble sometims with just that little cross in a box, the trouble is I forget and nevrgo back and leave comments. Touch wood and fingers crossed like you I have never found it a problem not having word verification on
Thanks again from us all
Hus Jacqui xx

debra said...

Hi Dawn
Glad i didn't have any problems last night, i think that would have tipped me over the edge what with my guillotine braeking the night before. Thank you for visiting my blog. I have been having a good nosey on your blog and think you do some beautiful cards and i am now a follower.
Debra xx

Alison said...

Dawn blogger is driving me nuts too not just with the verification. terrible service i was with wordpress prior and wish i had stayed put might even consider going back if blogger doesn't improve. it's just happening far too much now. Have a good day.

Sharon said...

Same problem here. I was trying to leave comments on the TS blog last night but had to give up on a couple of entries which is such a shame.

Tara said...

Thanks Dawn, I have now taken word verification off and just have comment moderation on, hopefully this will make life much easier for peeps! xx

aardvarkpest said...

Thanks Dawn I hadn't even realised mine was on.It's not now I find those words hard to read as well

Beth said...

Me too! It only seems to be happening on the blogs where you write under the actual post, annoying Mr Blogger!! Grrr!! : ) xx

TeresaW said...

I thought is was just one person that I visited, that I couldn't comment on, and that it was something to do with just her, because today I had the same trouble with her. but maybe not.

I whole heartedly agree with you and the word verification thingy, and now that I am comfortable with blogland (and seeing the original plea from you) I have taken it off, ages ago and had no ill effect.

Come on girlies, if you see a comment that isn't complementary, you can always remove it as a blog owner can't you? Or is that just me? There is no refection on the owner of the blog because there is a link to the commenter who left the nasty anyway. I would rather boycott the commenter then upset my bloggy buddies by making it difficult to leave a message to me.

Thanks Dawn for letting me hijack your comments section to add my opinion. By the way, how can you tell if it is a robot responding anyway?

TeresaW said...

Oops, that was a bit wordy. Seems like I'm with Dawn on this one.

Beryl said...

You've convinced me. I'll turn it off. Last night I had trouble leaving comments too. I didn't twig it was just the ones with the verification on. Now I'm playing catch up again, the trouble is I never catch up completely at the best of times.
Beryl xx

Beryl said...

I've just checked and I think it's off already on my blog. If it's not can you let me know please?
Beryl xx