Monday, 4 May 2009

Two Lovely Surprises from Two Lovely Friends!!

A bit of improvement on the dreaded lurgy front!! Still so stuffed up though - I hate that feeling - Grrrr!!

Mr Postie has been good to me again this week -

From the lovely Tina:

Gorgeous card and cute box filled with lovely embellies..


Thanks Teen my lovely friend!

.......and from the Pink Piggy herself Dawny P:


Beautiful pink and black card and lovely vintage stamps - thanks so much Dawny you rock!!

Wheee How lucky am I !!


TeresaW said...

Yay! No swine feaver then, 'cos you are getting better. I don't like the lergies either. Keep taking those hot toddies and the tissues with galajica thingy stuff on it to stop your nose getting red and you will be as right as rain in no time.

Of course you had to be ill - it's a bank holiday!

Get better soon, your wonderful cards have been missed.

Creative Chaos said...

Aaaw, I'm so sorry to read you've been sick !! But at leat you got yummie mail .... I only got some bills, LOL !

Get better soon !!!
Patti xx

melody said...

gotta love that scrappy mail!
what yummy goodies chickie