Monday, 15 June 2009

House Mouse Monday and a RANT!!!

Afternoon lovely peeps!

Boy what a bloomin' morning I've had, I reorganised my tiny stash space yesterday, which took ages by the way!! so today off I goes to get my new Sugar Nellie Stamp - GONE!! NOT THERE!! LOST!! I have spent most of the morning unorganising the organising ROFL!! (I shouldn't be ROFL but what else can I do) - My NEW stamp has vanished, looks like it ran off after the swirl stamp that also magically disappeared months ago, so down I go to the rubbish bin - yup got the black bag back upstairs and even went through that - NADA, NOWT!! AAAAGH!!

......THEN I spilt a pot of embossing powder over my carpet - the WHOLE pot, but there's more - Peaches ran off with my ribbons I had thrown on the floor in disgust and she knows to run under the bed and to go to the back, honestly I thought I was going to burst a blood vessel, the only option was to turn the hoover on to get her out (she is terrified of it!!) sure enough off she ran leaving the ribbons half chewed...

I need a lie down in a darkened room - BREATHE!!! Sorry RANT OVER!!

I did make a card for House Mouse Challenge though. The theme this week is Neapolitan..

Here are the two wee rascals Mudpie and Muzzy - munching as usual.

HM 15 June 09


America said...

This HM design is SUPER adorable! Love it!

Carmen O. said...

Your card is just too cute! I love the layers.

Sorry about your bad day! I'm sure it'll get better, if not tonight, by tomorrow for sure. Hang in there!

Julie Allain said...

awwww sorry you're having a bad day Dawn, sounds quite similar to my life I'm always losing my stamps, I can be working on a card, look away and its gone....does that only happen to me lol perhaps I'm losing the plot

Your card is GORGEOUS as always xxx

Sharon said...

Oh dear Dawn, what a stressful morning. I hope your SN stamp turns up. It's a lovely card, I love the flowers.

Sinikka said...

Oh, what a terrible start you had. Hope the next morgning will be much better.
And ofcourse you will find your stamps ( including the swirl ) and that you still can use the ribbon.
Your card is lovely again.
Hugs Sinikka

joey said...

Oh Dawn Pmsl not a great morning then hun, hope the stamps return from their hiding place, I have or had a sizzix die thats done that too. The card is gorgeous :O) xxx

Macpurp said...

deep breath in......exhale & relax!
hope your stamps turn up soon.
naughty pussy cat!!!
has she been speaking to pops?
she is naughty just now too.

beautiful card my dear.

love teen xx

scotspanda said...

awww hun I shouldn't be laughing but I have to confess to a wee giggle at the image of you under the bed after the ribbon lol

Hope sugar nellie turns up soon hun

loving your HM card, such a fab image :o)


Amanda xxx

Cazzy said...

Great stamp Dawn! You are not alone, I have lost my latest issue of Craft Stamper!

Cazzy x

mueppi said...

Hi Dawn
Your card is beautiful again, despite bad day !!!!!!
I hope the next morning will be better!
Big hugs hun Gisela

Beryl said...

I know how you feel. I seem to spend more time looking for stuff (and sometimes never finding it) than actually using it. Love these two little mice. That reminds, wasted an hour or so this morning trying to catch a mouse young Leo brought in. He's very good at catching them and very good at letting them go indoors.
Beryl xx

julietk said...

One of those days eh! hopefully things will be better tomorrow :-) Cute Card

Chris said...

oh I shouldn't laugh...rofl... but I can't help it. What a day you had hun... OMG but you tell it in such a funny way. I can just imagine a cartoon version of yourself jumping up and down on the bin bag with steam coming out of your ears!!! OH too funny you soooo made me day my friend.
Sorry you've lost your stamps though..that's the pits and so annoying...hope they turn up soon.

Chris xx

Anonymous said...

Awwwww totally gorgeous! xx jo xx

Anonymous said...

Oh no what a day you had, and amongst all the craziness, you did a fantastic card, just wonderful. I am sorry everything fell around you at once, but your story is a hoot, sorry but it made me laugh, we've all been there, good luck finding that wiley little SN

Leslie said...

WOW Dawn, you are having a "Help...Calgon take me away"! Kind of days!! Maybe even, Xanax take me away day!! LOL!! I hope your stamps turn up soon. I have gone thru that before as well and it is very frustrating. Your cards turned out beautiful though!! Hugs, Leslie

Carolyn Bounds said...

It sounds like you had one VERY stressful day!!! I hope you were able to fit in a nice, relaxing bubble bath and maybe a drink..or two...or three:o} LOL!!! If nothing else, you created one heckuva gorgeous card!!!


Rica said...

Hi Dawn - hope you're having a better day today. You don't have to tell me about missing stamps - it took two months for Braveheart to turn up, now I missing two corner stamps - never used ???
Neveretheless you make a fabulous card, fantastic image and such a gorgeous layout, love that border punch.
hugs Heather xx

Valerie said...


melody said...

my goodness girl..what a day! hugz to ya!
lovin your card..and that darlin of an cute


Fe-Fe said...

The Gremlins have your stamps Dawn. They had one of mine for two months then it just turned up on the kitchen table.

Hang in there, they will return them eventually! :-)

Fe x

stephanne said...

I saw this card a few weeks back, tried to comment and blogger wouldn't have it. Super cute and thinking that maybe a kitty dragged your stamp off under the bed or something. I have a kitty who likes the crinkly packaging, so that loose acrylic stamp packaging is like a cat magnet, they take off with ribbon spools whenever they get the chance!! Okay, sorry for my babbling, I love those crochet blooms!!