Monday, 6 July 2009

A couple of Photos!!

Afternoon folks! Whew it's a bit cooler today and the sun has disappeared for a bit.... relief from the penetrating heat!!

Anyway I took this photo last night as the moon was so gorgeous (although you can hardly see it in this rather "dodgy" photo!!! Peer closely and you might see a small orange orb in the sky!!!! LOL). It's taken from my living room window and looks out over the bay...

The Bay 2 July 09


Oh and Pepsi says HI!!!!

Pepsi 2nd july 09

Well I'd better feed the furries but will be back later with some cards - I Think!!!


Crafty Dawn said...

Pepsi is SO cute lol love her/him

Love Dawn xx

Oh I came as I saw your DT Poast card love it!

Anesha said...

Hi to Pepsi, and don't you just want to stroke that tummy!!:-) Beautiful photo. Hugs Anesha

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn you are lucky to live somewhere with such a fabby view!
Hi to pepsi what a cutie xx jo xx