Monday, 1 February 2010


Evening Peeps!!

No card today but here is Pepsi Puss hiding under the covers!! Since we moved here poor Pepsi is even more of a scaredy cat and is forever hiding in dark places!! She is beginning to come around a bit but is still tentative...

pepsi Xmas 09

                            CAN YOU SEE ME!!!

Pepsi 2 Xmas 09

                  OKAY I IS COMING OUT NOW!!!

Anyway good news on the house front at last I have got a house - No entry date yet but boy it will be great to get my own space and back to the town where I work - No more "serious" travelling!!!


Kath said...

oh poor pepsi....cats are really creatures of habit aren't they...but you will soon be settled in your fabby new home...hugs from kath & buddy xxxxxx

Beryl said...

Oh poor, beautiful Pepsi. I hope she settles in the new home more quickly.
Beryl xx

Kim Piggott said...

Brilliant news Dawn!
So happy for you!
Poor little Pepsi such sweet photos!
kim x

☼ Cheryl* said...

Thats fantastic new on the house, dawn!!!

Your cat is SO cute!!! I would love a cat but my partner will not let me. I have been tempted to just get one and surprised him when he comes home from work though :p One day I bet I will!

Cheryl said...

oh hun adorable or what how cute he he hugs cheryl xxx

Sinikka said...

Wow, just a great news about your own little house. Hope you can move soon.
Lovely pictures from pepsi. Our cat has been afraid since we got her.
Hugs Sinikka

Pascale said...

Ah give Pepsi a big hug from me and good job she has not settled too well there as she will be able to move in to her new home and settle there. Such fab news so excited for you Dawn. Big hugs Pascale x

Anesha said...

Pepsi is so sweet. I am sure she will settle, my Skipper had six big moves in her 9 years and settled after each move. Give Pepsi a huge hug. Great news on your house, hope it all goes well. Hugs Anesha

Kyoko said...

AAwww, darling pepsi! She is the cutest. Poor thing. Fingers crossed that she is OK now. Good thing is that she has a great mum called Dawn :D

Cazzy said...

Awww, poor Pepsi. Now my husband's aunt died last year and the house is empty but the cat that adopted them (and was really adopted from a cat rescue by someone two streets away who has a few) will not leave, and the neighbour built a shelter for it outside in the end. It waits for someone to move in and loves to see whoever turns up. Gets fed by the neighbours and the relatives when they go to the house, they tried not feeding him but he ran down the road mewing when he saw them coming!
By the way on the comment thing, I dropped hints because I could leave comments on this set up and the pop up and it was the embedded in page ones that didn't work, a few folks changed their settings for me - bless em!
Cazzy x