Sunday, 11 July 2010

Craft Room Update

Evening! Well I have been packing up the old craft stuff yet again. My cousin is coming to make a start on the crafty space tomorrow so it’s all been moved into the spare room. Still got some furniture to move. I can’t wait to get it organised although still have to look out for storage so any ideas please let me know! I did get some great plastic storage stacks on wheels from Lidls at a really great price.

So no cardage from me over the next week or so, mind you there hasn’t been much of late anyway!!!

I’ve just been driving myself mad trying to find stuff, moving paper and boxes around searching for this and that.

Anyway peeps off to watch The World Cup!

Hopefully I will be back with a card from the new Craft Room soon!!! LOl


Sue said...

Hi Dawn
oh hun it will look brill when its all done and you have all your stuff sorted, have fun sorting hun, sue,x

pinky said...

Moving my craft stuff to a new room at the minute too Dawn. Its a real upheavel but I was lucky to get some old school storage so hope it does the job. Can't wait to see your new space.

Melissa said...

I know how it is needing to get organized so you can get in the creative spirit! Best of luck and can't wait to see what your new creative space inspires you to make!

kath said...

woohooo your very own cubbyhole...hope I will be invited for the official opening...big hugs kath xxx

Macpurp said...

be nowt stopping you soon my lovely! once your crafty room is up and running. plenty pics soon !!!
love teen xx