Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Ribbon Storage

Well I just had to include a photo of my latest storage purchase, it's called Pull-Ez and it can store up to 200 ribbons. The bag is only about 10 inches and boy! has it saved me valuable stash space!! I ended up getting rid of two tins and two plastic tubs. The more I use it the more I like it and I can see all my ribbons at a glance, and it's so portable too!! I had great fun filling it up and arranging the ribbons in colours. It has a zip top with a little pocket inside the lid for bits and pieces.

You can buy them from Craftsulove and you get them in three colours.


bubblegum said...

Hey Dawn - this is a fab purchase and I can see why you love it. ;) :) Like you say - one glance and you can see what you have - love it..thanks for sharing. ;) :)

Debbie x

Lim said...

Dear Dawn,
This is a geat idea. I wish I can see this before I but mine :))
Thank you for sharing. :))

Joani said...

This is such a pretty array of colour it must cheer you every time you need a piece of ribbon :):)
I left you an award on my blog on 20th April but forgot to tell you.

Dawne said...

thanks Dawn i have just ordered one xxx

Dawne said...

i will let you know when i get it Dawn, small world eh!! i dont mind you adding me to ur blog coz im adding you. lol