Sunday, 26 October 2008

Traumatic Morning...........

Well I hope you all remembered to put your clocks back last night !! I was awake sooo early - my usual time except it was too early today!! Got up anyway and decided to clean out this large cupboard (otherwise known as "The Dark Hole") which is directly under the outside stairs leading up to the flat above - you know when you start something and wish you hadn't - well this was one of those times!! I found stuff in there that came out of the ark!! LOL - there was stuff everywhere and dust! - boy was there dust! - I'm ashamed to admit it!!!
Two hours later it was done - feel better for doing it though....

So then I thought I'd go for some shopping, went downstairs and there lying on the street was this poor pussycat, extremely distressed and shaking - it couldn't move or open it's eyes and it was an adult cat - it was in a terrible state and of course me being a big fat softie animal lover - the tears were streaming down my face - rushed back upstairs to phone the local vet only to be advised she needed £65 to come to the surgery as she was 45 minutes away in her village - well I was in a right state by this time - ran back down to the street with a blanket and carted poor puss up to the top of my stairs, - I have never heard such a pitiful meaow in all my life and I won't forget it in a hurry either, he was just lying there shaking and couldn't move his head properly it was so distressing to watch - I'm welling up just thinking about this - well the upshot was I phoned the SSPCA who authorised the vet to come out , phoned my friend and got the cat to the vet - who I must say was not overly friendly, she prodded and poked, flipped him over not gently either but the puss couldn't stand up - I've seen a lot worse she said - I was expecting to see half a cat!! The cheeky Mere!! There is no doubt she has seen so much worse but I haven't and she knew how distressed I was (Grrrr!!) - she said he was breathing fine but it didn't look like it to me. They kept him and I said I would phone tomorrow to see how he was. He was so dirty and looked terribly neglected although he had a pink collar on.
I needed a stiff drink after my horrendous morning I can tell you - had a lie down instead!!
Oh! I hope he's okay the poor wee love...
Sorry for the massive post but it is helping me as I'm writing this. I haven't been able to concentrate since -


Macpurp said...

poor wee cat! I am so glad he chose you to help him!

HUGS for you ...

take care xxx

ChrissyM said...

oh the poor cat. In that's cats eyes though you are a hero. Glad you made the call to him him. Hugs to you!

Carol said...

aww Dawn big hugs - its so distressing isn't it especially when the vet appeared to be so uncaring - working in a vets myself, please believe they aren't all like that.
Hope things improve as the day progresses xx

TeresaW said...
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TeresaW said...

What a roller coaster ride you have had today. I really can't put on the web what I think about the Vet's attitude, it would make you blush. I wouldn't take your two lovely babies there if they ever needed a vet, give your business to someone else.

How ever are you going to find the owner?

I'll keep my fingers crossed for his recovery.

Rica said...

Oh Dawn - how distressing - I hate to see animals suffering just as you do. He/she was lucky you found him/her - it could have been someone who didn't care.
You did all you could - you just have to let it go now (not easy I know)
Healing hugs to you Heather xxx

scotspanda said...

awwww hun what a rotten day!!! Sending you huge cyber cuggles to you and the kitty kat


Amanda xxx

Angelo said...

Ooohhh, poor cat! I'm so happy you came along and saved him. Hopefully he'll survive and that you will find the owner as well.

Have a relaxing Sunday night.

Kristin :)

bubblegum said...

Awww what a sad story Dawn - really hope that pusskins is getting good treatment and is feeling better tomorrow. The vet was probably fed up because she was called out on a sunday! I do feel for you - not a nice thing to find on your way out. :)

Fingers crossed it is least you showed it some love, warmth and kindness. :) :)


Christine (Craftling) said...

Aww, bless you, Dawn, for your kindness. Poor cat. I do hope he's alright, and that his owners are found. They must be frantic.

If anything ever happens to my puss when he's out, I pray someone like you will find him and take care of him.

Sending you hugs and pats on the back..

Chris xx

Creative Chaos said...

OMG, what a sad story !!! I hate those kind of vets !! A real vet need to comfort the animals AND the people who are with them !!!
I sure hope the poor cat is gonna be okey !!
Big hug to you for being such a sweet animal lover !!
Patti xx

Fe-Fe said...

Oh Dawn you poor thing. It was hard enough for you as it was without having a tactless, thoughtless vet to add to it. The cat was lucky to find someone as kind as you to help it as not everyone would have done what you did.

Fe x

Kath said...

oh Dawn what a horrible experience and that poor kitty...and yes I'm afraid vets are like doctors not all of them are coothie with their patients.

Gez said...

Sounds like you did all the right things. How distressing for you. Lucky cat, having you for his guardian angel. x