Thursday, 29 January 2009


Well I've had enough cleaning for one day if I see another yellow duster it'll be too soon, only got a couple of rooms done too - Grr!! Takes forever....
Anyway got a lovely surprise Carol told me to check out the Cuttlebug Blog and woah! my card was picked by Becky Fleck for last weeks Be Inspired Challenge so I win a copy of her fabby book...
I really must be on a winning streak - will HAVE to do the euro lottery tomorrow now!!

Thanks so much to everyone over at Cuttlebug Challenge and remember Cuttlebug Challenge are having a "LOVE BUG" weekend starting tomorrow at 7am EST so check it out... lots of great stuff going on over there....


Julie said...


I am a proud owner of Becky's book and it is FAB you will love it!!

Definitely do the lottery!! Although I don't think luck played a part this time... your card is beautiful xx

Pascale said...

Well done Dawn you ,so deserve it! The card was absolutely stunning! Hugs pascale :)

Kath said... are definitely on a won because your card was fabulous....nuttin to do with luck

bubblegum said...

Wow Dawn - huge huge congratulations my friend..another feather in your cap...well done. :)

Yes do the


metalicbutterfly said...

well done hun nothing to do with luck you are just sooooo goood!!!!!!!!

hugs Emma xxx

Dawny P said...

Mahoosive congrats to you Dawn - you so deserve this cos your work is just amazing xxx Hope the big clean went well. It's so ncie once it'salldone isn't it!! And sorry about this but I tagged ya. It isnt that bad tho xxxxx

weewiccababe said...

congrats on winning the cuttlebug challenge

Chris said...

Whoooohoooo way to go Dawn you deserve it... what a fabby prize :D

Hope you managed to finish the cleaning though cos you aren't allowed to sit down and read until all the dust is shoved under the bed...rofl

If you've done it all you can enjoy your prize and even have a cream cake and coffee to celebrate... no alcoholic beverages... don't want you drunk in charge of a keyboard :D
Chris xx

Macpurp said...

no wonder this card won! I is one my my favorites from lots of blogs!

lots of love teen xx

Cassie said...

Congratulations Dawn!

Sinikka said...

You are really one lucky girl, you have won so much lately.
Hope you will win on the lottery too.
Hugs Sinikka