Friday, 29 May 2009

Courtney's Closet - 43

Well there is another cute outfit from Courtney's Closet this week. She is adorable..

Here is my card based on her little outfit.


courtney 29 may 09


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn Well Courtney is a doll..Your card is beautiful..
please forgive me for being scew whiff but with the immenent birth of our gd things have been a bit hectic!!!!
False Alarms yesterday!!!!!
Hope the sun is shinng for you!!!
Have a lovely Friday my `frend`:) x

Anonymous said...

oops see I told ya I was scew whiff!!!!
It`s Friday now!!!!what am I thinking ...rofl..
I dont know my ---- from my elbow at the best of times!!!!lolsoory Dawn:)
Have a lovely Weekend:) x

Nilla said...

Sweet card! Hugs Nilla

MayJay said...

Hi Dawn, She certainly is gorgeous, and so is your card. Love the colours.
I hope you are well and

mueppi said...

Hi Dawn
this little girl is so sweet and your card is wonderful!!!
I hope, I understand all right!?
Have a great weekend!
Big hugs Gisela

Peet said...

She is so beautiful!!
Stunning card, Dawn
Peet x

TeresaW said...

I agree, isn't she cute? I love how you have done that card just the right amount of pink.

Libby Hickson said...

Dawn I love your card - so neat to see how the stripes on the shirt inspired you! And your card is just gorgeous! It's also fun reading your other commenters saying how cute Courtney is, hee hee! Thanks so much for playing this week, I just love to see what you do with these outfits!!

melody said...

awww..what a lil cutie pie!
and what a kewl card design ~ love it!