Saturday, 30 May 2009

Morning Folks!!

Well another gorgeous day here but still breezy, the bay is certainly not dead calm...

just a couple of things before I head off for work - Grrr!! This Saturday working malarkey isn't great I can tell ya.

Firstly I got this lovely award form the lovely Nilla in Malaysia - thanks so much Nilla for thinking of me...


and then I just have to tell you about this wonderful talented lady whom I met whilst blog hopping one day. Her name is Kyoko and we both have a love of cats but also Kyoko makes the most gorgeous knitted and sewn creations. Her knitted purses are amazing as is her photos of her two furries Kumo and Wata who unfortunately has a form of nasal cancer but he is doing so well, they are two beauties..anyway Kyoko has started a Feline Friday spot on her blog where she introduces some other bloggers and their cats too. So for all you moggy lovers out there, go check out Kyoko's blog "Cotton and Cloud".

My two furries will be making an appearance real soon!!

Won't have time for any cards today either as I start work at 12 and tonight I am off out on the tiles with some friends. Wheee!! Not like me but it's that summer feelin'. We are going for a meal then off to hit the highlights or lowlights !!! Tee Hee!!

So have a great weekend peeps and hope the sun is shining wherever you are.... Back Soon!!!


June said...

Hi Dawn, well you just have a lovely time my friend. Its a lovely day and it will be a nice evening too
Hugs June xxx

Kath said...

have a lovely night sensible...don't want you to talking to Hughie and nae sare heid the morn.
Hugs Kath xxxx

Kazabing said...

Hope you have fun tonight.

Paper doll said...

Dawn sounds like your in for some FUN. Good for you we all need to get out and kick up our heels!

Kyoko said...

Hi Dawn,

Aw, thank you so much for linking to my blog :D I really enjoy seeing your cards. They are so amazing and you are very talented ;D
Yep, your kitties are up next! :D It will be a great post with Pepsi and Peaches!
Hope you have a lovely week.