Friday, 21 May 2010

Back At Last with Something Completely Different……!

Wheee!! It’s been a nightmare move!! but have managed to get on line at last, the house is like a bomb site and the “craft room” is a dumping ground and can’t find a bloomin’ thing!! Still loads to do and in between all this I have got a new job working in a Dental Surgery so start there on the 31st May – All change again!!

So on to this weeks SCD Challenge and we have a fab talented Guest Designer – Artyjen… Our theme this week was chosen by yours truly – PARIS, never been but maybe one day. We are still on twinchies (2” x 2”) so can’t wait to catch up with you all AND we also have some candy to give away too. The cute Popcorn Bear stamps donated by the lovely ARtyjen.

It’s our birthday month over at SCD too – 1 year old on the 15th – Can’t believe it’s been a whole year since Carol started the wonderful blog, and thanks to you all who have made it fun and continue to join us every week.


SCD 21 May 10

I’m on holiday now as I left my job at the prison yesterday so hopefully I will come visit soon…

OOOh!! It’s great to be back again!


Gini said...

Morning Dawn,
Glad to hear you are finally in your new home and have an internet connection!
Hope you can enjoy a bit of crafting mixed in with your unpacking over the next week and wishing you the very best of luck in your new job, a huge change after working in the same organisation for so many years but it's going to be
"nothing but good times ahead" for you my lovely!!
Hope you get to enjoy some sunshine too, it is so hot today down here in Shropshire, it's just like it's summer ;-)

Artyjen said...

Moving is a great stress...maybe one day I'll share the double stress I had in my last move!!
Hope you have a great holiday and thanks for the inspiration all through the past year.
Love the sunset feel to your twinchie.
xoxo Sioux

zzzzzzzzz said...

Oh I hate moving! Love, love, love your new creation!

Zoechaos said...

Good to see you again many many changes going on there. Good luck with the new job Dawn guess you are getting all the stress over in one go! Enjoy your week and give yourself some me time the house does not need to be sorted out right away.

Great Twinchie has the Paris at Night feel and it is a very excting place to be at night. another great theme - Paris.

Sinikka said...

WOW, finallly you moved. Hope you will spend many happy years in your new home. And ofcourse many happy years on the new job.
A big hug to you

My name is Toni said...

Hi Dawn... boy do our lives parallel. I finished moving and also started a new job and my craft room was in disarray for a month or so, and I was having a major melt down. Sounds like you are getting settled. Thnx for the theme this week... love love your twinchie. Colors are so vibrant. Have a very crafty week ;)

Carol said...

Welcome back to cyber land Dawn - hope you can manage to sort out the house before you start your new job!

Fantastic to have you back and gorgeous twinchie xx

Sharon said...

Great to have you 'back' Dawn and I'm glad you are finally connected again to the blogging world! Good luck with all the unpacking and then finding a home for everything and good luck in the new job too! Sounds like exciting times for you!

Silvia said...

Great images and background colour.

Debbie Dolphin said...

morning-glad to hear you are finally settled.Its so stressful moving.hope the weather is nice for you up there today its gorgeous down in yorkshire i should be outside!!lol but full of cold so am catching up with blogging
love debbie xxx

Beryl said...

Hi Dawn,
Great to hear from you. I hope you soon get things straight in your new home and your craft sorted. How are the cats taking it? Congratulations on the new job too - hope it's a good 'un.
Leo is loving the sunnt weather and spends a lot of the time sunbathing in the greenhouse. He'll get a big shock when we eventually sell this place and I end up in a town somewhere.
Your Paris artwork is lovely - love the rich colours.
Beryl xx

June said...

Hi Dawn, this is really good, i love the white touches on this one.
Thanks for your lovely comments on mine too. Hope you are doing ok and the move and everything isnt too stressful. I just am having a break from the heat outside lol
hugs June xxxx

Yvonne said...

Fabulous twinchie, Dawn! Love those stamps.

treesawardincrafts said...

Welcome back Dawn. I have had a bit of a break from blog land too and am gradually comming back. Done a bit of DIY among other things. Don't envy you moving, that feeling of "now where did I put that thingy" stays longer than the aches and pains from lifing the boxes.

Good luck in your new job and see you around soon, my friend. :0)

kath said...

hello to you too...great to have you back in bloggyland...gorgeous creation as always and never mind you will soon get the crafty room ship shape....great to hear about the new job...big hugs kath xxx

Rica said...

Hello to you too. At least you're in your new home at last!! I shouldn't laugh but all this is just so familiar to me - I'm just about settling from my last move. Enjoy your new job.
Love your twinchie, fabulous colours.
Hugs Heather xx

Macpurp said...

good luck in new job, many happy years in your new home.... x

lOve this beautiful piece.

much love teen xx

Anonymous said...

Hiya Dawn..WoW lots going on for you!!!!Glad your back online..Your project is `gorgeous`

Wishing you lots of love and happiness in your new home..
Have a fab day:)x

Dawn said...

I am so happy your move is on the way! and this twinchie is SO YUMMY!!

Love Dawn xx

Leanne said...

Ooh this is so pretty - gorgeous!

Leanne xx