Friday, 10 April 2009

Goodbye "Tag You're It"

Morning everyone!

Well I'm feeling sad today to announce that we have decided to close the Tag Blog. We are all so busy and have so much other stuff that we felt we couldn't give it the commitment it deserved. I am going to miss my gorgeous Teamies , we have had some laughs along the way.

I am so sorry to all the people who put forward their names for the DT, we thought it would be a good idea at the time but it wouldn't have been fair on the new members.

I have had a blast this year and Tagging is very close to my heart - it's really what captured me into this world of paper and glitter! I am thankful for being given the opportunity to express my "Taggy Ways"!!! LOL with such a great blog.

......And a massive thanks to all of you who followed us and came back week after week, my heart was heavy when reading all your Birthday Wishes this week

Finally thanks to all our sponsors who gave us such wonderful prizes

My wee prize after carfeul scrutinisation!! LOL is going to "JINGLE" - I loved that gorgeous butterfly!! - Could you email me your address - thanks

Okay Folks that's it from TYI - I'm filling up now- Sniff...


scotspanda said...

oh such sad news!!! it is hard when everyone is so busy, but what a shame to close it


Amanda xxx

Chriss Rollins said...

Sad news indeed... thank you Dawn for the challenge to do the 'green and red' tag challenge that day...although I had actually done just one b4 some months earlier... I soon became hooked on TYI each week after the 2nd one I did...will miss doing the challege however will continue to make them as 'I love Tags' sad am I?

Take care have a wonderful weekend.
Chriss x
ps keep in touch as I will.xx

Artyjen said...

Don't want to make you sadder but just popped in to say thanks for all the TYI work. Will miss it lots!!!

Cheryl said...

So sad to see this close when I just recently found you all. I surely understand how life changes though. I still plan on visiting your blog often.

Macpurp said...

awwwww HUGS, its crap when life gets in the way of crafting!!!
Thanks to you & you DT mates,
you made great tags and fab challenges.
love n hugs
teen xxx

bubblegum said...

aww Dawn that is sad news - I know just how much you loved your tags..:)


Anonymous said...

Aw sorry:( to see the sad news Dawn...
Lotsa Love and
`Good Luck` whatever you choose to do...
`Happy Easter`
Have a lovely time:)♥

RubyMay said...

So sorry TYI is finishing. Thanks for all your hard work Dawn, and all your encouragement.
Love...RubyMay x

melody said...

so so sad to hear! everyone at TYI has been such a wonderful inspiration and it's been so fun participating each week. something i always looked forward to. thankx chickie for your hard work and committment. tyi will definitely be missed ~ BUT i'll be blog hopping and gotcha on my list, so i'm looking forward to always keeping up and seeing your beautiful creations ~ hugz chickie xoxo

TeresaW said...

Oh Dawn, what a hard decision that must have been for you, you enjoyed it so much. I did like seeing all those tags you did, I hope you will still do a few to show us when you have the opportunity next.

Fannie said...

i'm sorry you're closing the tag blog, but understand your decision. thanks for the fun!

happy easter to you and your family, dawn!